Landscapes from Around South Africa: Part 1

Our style of photography is very much focussed on natural images that tell a story. This does not necessarily need to be story with a beginning or a end, but is more about capturing a mood or feeling to a place or time.

Weddings are always full of emotion and feeling, making it relatively easy to achieve this goal. However, it is often much more difficult to go from “happy snaps” to thought-provoking images in a genre like landscape photography.

Our recent travels have taken us to some beautiful places around the country. We have used this opportunity to improve the quality of our landscape photography by focussing on sharing the feelings of these moments. Some of these images contain human and urban elements, but we feel that they are a good reflection of our style of photography.

Cederberg Mountains:


Stormsriver Mouth:


Hout Bay:


Lamberts Bay:





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