Yolandi & Ig Maternity

It has been really special to share in our friends’ journey towards parenthood. We look forward to see the joy the little one will bring to Ig and Yolandi’s lives!Ig&Landi Post-1

Ig&Landi Post-2

Ig&Landi Post-3

Ig&Landi Post-4

Ig&Landi Post-5

Ig&Landi Post-6

Ig&Landi Post-7

Ig&Landi Post-8

Ig&Landi Post-9

Ig&Landi Post-10

Ig&Landi Post-11

Ig&Landi Post-12

Ig&Landi Post-13

Ig&Landi Post-14

Ig&Landi Post-15

Ig&Landi Post-16

Ig&Landi Post-18

Ig&Landi Post-19

Ig&Landi Post-20

Ig&Landi Post-21

Ig&Landi Post-22

Ig&Landi Post-23

Ig&Landi Post-24

Ig&Landi Post-25

Ig&Landi Post-26

Ig&Landi Post-28

Ig&Landi Post-29

Ig&Landi Post-30

Ig&Landi Post-31

Ig&Landi Post-27


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  1. Jeannine Franklin says:

    Lovely photos.

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