Donald and Amanda Wedding

As we were already in Durban for other business, we only had a short drive up the North coast to join Donald and Amanda’s intimate wedding at Imvubu Lodge, Richards Bay. This was our first African wedding and we were welcomed with open arms by their family and friends. The newlywed shoot on the beach was one of the highlights and this vibrant couple made it very special.

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9 Responses to “Donald and Amanda Wedding”

  1. Cynthia says:

    Lovely pics……

  2. Joseph says:

    this is nice….

  3. Busi says:

    Beautiful moment captured in an amazing way…stay blessed guys

  4. Amanda says:

    True talent …. I love the pictures

  5. Shingirayi says:

    Beautiful, fun, priceless!!!! Well done Don and Mandy!

  6. patience zisengwe says:

    stunning.. im so happy for you…

  7. Hapson says:

    I am proud of you my friend. I hope you had the best time of your life. You just forgot to invite us.

  8. Nobuhle says:

    You guys look so good together!!! All the best

  9. Tadiwanashe says:

    Im proud of you my bbe,may your life be sweet as sweet as you are my love,im grateful to all etras.God bless your marriage now and forver.

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