Castrop Family

The Castrop family has relocated from the US to South Africa for a few years. We caught up with them for a relaxed afternoon shoot in Pretoria’s Jacaranda lined streets. We wish them many happy memories in our beautiful country!

Castrop Post-1

Castrop Post-2

Castrop Post-3

Castrop Post-4

Castrop Post-5

Castrop Post-6

Castrop Post-7

Castrop Post-8

Castrop Post-9

Castrop Post-10

Castrop Post-11

Castrop Post-12

Castrop Post-13

Castrop Post-14

Castrop Post-15

Castrop Post-16

Castrop Post-17

Castrop Post-18

Castrop Post-19

Castrop Post-20

Castrop Post-21

Castrop Post-22

Castrop Post-23

Castrop Post-24

Castrop Post-25

Castrop Post-26

Castrop Post-27

Castrop Post-28

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