Cape Town on 35mm film

Working for two weeks in Cape Town, afforded us the opportunity to experience life in high up in Tamboerskloof. We took my grandfather’s 1973 Olympus OM-1 camera along to play around with a roll of film for the first time in many years!

CPT Post_0047.jpg
CPT Post_0046.jpg
CPT Post_0043.jpg
CPT Post_0041.jpg
CPT Post_0044.jpg
CPT Post_0045.jpg
CPT Post_0052.jpg
CPT Post_0051.jpg
CPT Post_0048.jpg
CPT Post_0050.jpg
CPT Post_0049.jpg

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  1. Jeannine says:

    Pragtig! Kan sien jy het van oupa Thys se gene gekry, nie net sy kamera nie….

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